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Do you need an outrageous and cool superhero costume for a party? Time to play a dressup game with the cute Power Rangers Mask Lab ! Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Iron Man costumes are already overused and seem to be outmoded. With Power Rangers Mask Lab you bring back the nostalgia of these superheroes wearing vibrant colors and you'll be the center of attention at the party.

Pick your favorite mask and wear a costume on this Power Rangers game. Play this online game by coloring them and select your favorites in Power Rangers Mask Lab and if you can't decide what to choose, print out all and have fun interchanging one to another. Kids will surely enjoy the game wearing an ultra cool mask from Power Rangers Mask Lab.

This should be recommended for children, a Power Rangers game where they can play with imagination and artistic skills. Parents and teachers would be happy to see their modern art work. You may try printing them from Power Rangers Mask Lab either colored or uncolored.

If you want your kids to exercise with coloring materials, print the mask in an unprinted mode and let 'em use crayolas and paints for a fun filled activity. Power Rangers game where you are able to have them colored online too, let them play and pick their preferred colors.

How to Play Power Rangers Mask Lab Game

This is a so simple to play Power Rangers game online. Children at a very young age can enjoy playing Power Rangers Mask Lab game. It introduces creativity to kids and can be another hobby for the entire family.

PICK a Mask and move over your MOUSE to choose a color. Power Rangers Mask Lab is as easy as one, two and three. Opt for yellow, green, red, pink, white and blue or whatever color you please. There are also different patterns to choose from. Have family fun, play Power Rangers Mask Lab game online.

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